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Steam coils are used in both industrial and HVAC applications and are used to heat air when steam is available. Finned tubes are almost always used in steam coil applications and this type of coil makes use of the latent heat that is released by the steam when it condenses so it is a very effective way of heating air.

Beehive steam coils are manufactured from either heavy wall copper or Cu/Ni tubing and can be produced as one of a variety of different styles using ½“ or 5/8“ OD tubing throughout the block and designed to limit condensate retention whithin the coil to reduce the risk of water hammer and also deliver steam evenly to the entire face of the coil.

Our heavy duty steam coils can also be supplied using copper, aluminium, or vinyl coated fins plus we can be finished with electro-tin or Blygold coatings for extra protection in the field. We can produce from small to very large units with either same end or opposite end connections at no additional cost.

Several standard applications for our steam coils are as below:

  • Commercial and industrial heating systems
  • Commercial and industrial drying and processing applications
  • Boiler air preheating
  • Pulp dryers
  • Paper machine ventilator coils
  • Air cooled heat exchangers
  • Unit/Space heaters

In addition to standard fin/tube block units, Beehive are one of the few manufacturers in the world who can still produce gilled tube coils for certain steam applications in house. If you are after a gilled tube steam coil - then do not hesitate to contact us!

Our steam coils should be treated in the same way as our Evaporators and Condensers in regard to cleaning regularly - but as with any steam or water coil, they can freeze when exposed to sub-zero temperatures without the proper drainage of the condensate - so this aspect is an essential one to consider at the design stage.

If you have a horizontal tube matrix and wish to drain the system down for frost protection, then the following (or similar) procedure should be used:

1) Drain water from coil using drain points or terminations

2) Blow out remaining droplets of water using compressed air

3) Completely fill the coil with inhibited antifreeze or appropriate concentration for the minimum temperature that will occur

4) Drain antifreeze solution from the coil and replace vents/drains

5) The antifreeze may be recovered and used to repeat procedure on other coils in the system

*Note: Use of inhibited antifreeze is essential as uninhibited product may cause formicary corrosion within the pipes.

  • "Our heavy duty steam coils can be finished with electro-tin or Blygold coatings for extra protection"

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All of our units are manufactured to the current PED standards and supplied with a comprehensive warranty and we are also proud to hold the latest ISO 9001:2015 accreditation - enhancing both the quality of our service as well as our products. Please contact us for a copy of our current BSI certificate.

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