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Beta/Delta Ranges

The Beehive BETA and DELTA ranges are based on a slimline footprint but still with a condenser coil and plant section area. Removeable panels ensure simple & immediate access to the internal sections. Both ranges have 4 different variants (2 or 3 fans & 6 or 8 pole). The Delta unit has a taller internal plant section to allow larger compressor packs to be fitted. Both ranges use high quality fittings to help give and excellent, durable finish.

Click here for Beta/Delta Range dimensions and contact us for performance data.

Benefits are as detailed below:

  • The Beta/Delta ranges can be supplied with 6 or 8 pole fans
  • Can also be supplied with EC Fans
  • Coils can be supplied with UV protection fins or plain copper to give improved duties and fin life
  • Free standing mounting for floor or roof
  • Delta range has slightly taller internal plant section for larger compressor packs
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Sound data available - tested to DIN EN 13487 (Class 1)