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3 Branches of the Same Tree

Posted: 14th October 2015

Earlier this year, award winning artist Lyndall Phelps contacted Beehive for some help with some specialist tube requirements on her latest project. Lyndall was responsible for part of an exhibition being held at the Pump House Gallery in London, to help promote science, art and education within the encompassing theme of attempting to engage the viewer in a fun and interesting way. The exhibition was supported by several local teachers, a scientist and the Mayor of London.

3 Branches of the Same Tree brings together theories and concepts of science, art and education. Pump House Gallery presents three new commissions by artists Semiconductor, Lyndall Phelps and Alistair McClymont. 

Science and art have been fused to reveal the forces that govern our world. Each artist engaged in scientific research through close collaboration with a scientist and teachers from two Wandsworth primary schools. Initially looking at ways science can be taught, the work questions our perception of the world by using the lenses of science and art.

Lyndall Phelps has developed a series of installations titled Perceptible Invisibility that invite visitors to playfully engage with the seemingly impossible properties of magnets. Working with scientist Max Boleininger and teachers from All Saints CE and Hotham Primary Schools, Phelps has explored a range of actions that demonstrate a magnet’s ability to generate force. Through interaction the audience is invited to investigate the gravity defying abilities of magnets and see their hidden force fields.

Perceptible Invisibility, Lyndall Phelps, 2015

Commissioned by Pump House Gallery, London

Photography: Richard Davies & Eoin Carey

Exhibition supported by Mayor of London and Department of Education.