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"The core of our business and where it all began back in the '60s..."

Beehive have been designing and manufacturing coils ever since we were established back in 1968 and with a huge wealth of experience in this business to draw on, we feel that we are the No.1 experts in this field.

We can design and manufacture most types of refrigeration and HVAC coils ranging from straight forward 6" square LPHW units right up to 8M condenser units (and anything in between)!

Flexibility is important to us which is why we manufacture coils using a wide range of tooling types and configurations to ensure you get the best product for the job. We produce coils using 5/16" (approx 8 mm), 3/8" (approx 10 mm), 12 mm, 1/2" (approx 13 mm), 5/8" (approx 16 mm) and now our NEW Quad7, (7 mm) tubing - with each tooling style having the option of being supplied in a number of configurations/layouts

Click on the links above which give a little information on the specific types of coils available from Beehive and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to know more or you would like something non-standard.