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Case Study: Everest Data Centres, Reading

Posted: 19th May 2014

Everest Data Centres is an advanced, Tier 4 aligned data centre company which was established several years ago by their Commercial Director, Ed Butler. Ed has a wealth of experience in the data centre industry and he has worked tirelessly to create an excellent, high technology, temperature controlled and secure data storage company with several sites across the UK with further expansion currently underway.

"Beehive provided a great deal of expertise on coil design and working with them was an extremely constructive experience" Ed Butler, Everest Data Centres Commercial Director

Everest contacted Beehive towards the start of their latest project in Reading and we worked closely with them to develop a bespoke air handler (CRAC) design to suit their needs both in performance and energy saving targets. Each unit included a high performance CRAC coil and support frame, fitted with electronic safety dampers, filters and specialist fan motors to ensure optimum performance when in use.

A total of 8 complete CRAC units were ordered and delivered direct to site to suit the customers build schedule. We are continuing to work with Everest on the next stage of their project which requires an additional 4 CRAC units to help meet the total performance requirements for their Reading Data Centre.

"It was great to be able to show the Beehive directors around the finished site, 12 months after their CRACs went into service and to discuss our plans for the next data centre" Ed Butler, Everest Data Centres Commercial Director

For more information on Everest and their top tier, advanced, energy efficient data centres - please contact their friendly team by phone on 0118 3800 599, or email using or click on the logo below to go straight to their website:

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